Conference themes


THRIVING COMMUNITIES   enhance everyone’s well-being by cultivating inclusive local leadership. The community itself determines what is needed to prosper and is accountable for priority setting and resource allocation. This ensures that no one is left out, all citizens are proud of their community and active participants in its vitality. Thriving communities strengthen the local economy by embracing diversity, encouraging social cohesion, protecting natural resources and developing built environments that are accessible and at human scale.


GOOD JOBS   create sustainable livelihoods for individuals and families. They allow individuals not only to get by, but to build the assets needed for resiliency and growth. Good Jobs pay a living wage, offer career development and provide safe and healthy work environments. Most new jobs being created today are low-wage resulting in employment that is insufficient to support a household. The shrinking middle class is an indicator of growing inequality across North America. Good Jobs explores innovative ways to address the shifting nature of work and employment to ensure a pathway to a secure, adequate income for everyone who wants to work.


DOING BUSINESS DIFFERENTLY   means refusing to tradeoff the well-being of people or the planet for profit. Innovative businesses are finding new ways to create social, environmental and economic benefits simultaneously to build community wealth. They are rooted in the communities they serve, investing in people and place, and leading the way to vibrant, sustainable local economies.