On behalf of the EconoUs2017 team, we’re excited to see you next week at ECONOUS2017, the National Community Economic Development Conference in Calgary, September 13-15! There are over 350 community leaders attending from across Canada. This will be a great networking event, so don’t forget to bring your business cards!

This email offers an advance guide to the conference, describing the overall program and the specific logistical details you’ll need to know.


Registration will start at 7:30am on Wednesday, September 13th, in the lobby of Hotel Arts before you head out on any one of the local economy tours being held that day. The registration desk will remain open until 8.00 pm at Hotel Arts. If you’re arriving on Thursday or Friday, registration will be open starting at 7:00am in the lobby of Hotel Arts.


The opening reception is being held at the John Dutton Theatre on the second floor of the Central Library. The reception will kick off at 3:00pm with light food and refreshments while mingling with friends new and old from across Canada. At 3:30 sharp we’ll move into the theatre to hear from our MCs and speakers. Please don’t be late!

Getting there:

  • Meet at Hotel Arts between 2:30 – 3:00 and enjoy a guided walk with Calgary Economic Development to the John Dutton Theatre.
  • Arrive via public transit using the LRT City Hall C-Train Station
  • Park your bike on the east side of the Central Library
  • Park your car in the City Hall Parkade at 322 9 Ave SE or in the Impark lot at 332 6 Ave SE



For information about getting to Hotel Arts, parking, or transportation from the airport or bus depot, please see this page.


Vegan and gluten free options are available at every meal. If you have indicated additional dietary requirements please be sure to connect with someone from the EconoUs Team during mealtime. Networking breaks are being held at venues in close proximity to Hotel Arts. Please bring a  travel mug and/or a water bottle to refill during networking breaks, so that we can lessen our impact on the environment for this year’s event.


If you registered to one of the Wednesday tours or if you are planning to join one of the Thursday tours, you can meet your tour guide in the lobby of Hotel Arts 30 minutes before the tour starts. Tour guides will be easily identifiable.

LEARNING TO ACTION – What issues are you addressing in your community?

This final plenary session is intended to move learnings from the previous two days into action through a rapid design and peer coaching process to accelerate projects or issues you are addressing in your community. This is not a learning method; this interactive three-hour session will help you improve design, clarify process and determine next steps on your project or issue.

You will have the opportunity to share the project or issue you are addressing in your community on the ‘Learning to Action Clothesline’ in the lobby of Hotel Arts in advance of this session. While the entire delegation will attend this session, up to a quarter of the participants at EconoUs2017 will have an opportunity to work on their projects in this collaborative and dynamic process.

Think about the work you are doing, questions you have and places you are stuck. Gain the insight of a small group of peer coaches who will help bring fresh perspective and new ideas to your work. As a peer coach, you will gain inspiration and exposure to ideas that relate to work you’re doing while being part of helping bring great ideas to life.

“From Learning to Action” will be hosted by Chris Corrigan, an experienced facilitator in social change.


Place-making at EconoUs2017 = Double Glazed

Double Glazed is a collaborative art project that demonstrates our shared journey of building connections around shared ownership. Come prepared to share your creativity through hand painting, colouring and drawing as we collectively contribute to the creation of an art piece on the windows of Hotel Arts. You will have opportunity to contribute to this art project during networking breaks in the lobby of Hotel Arts.


If you registered for special workshops happening from Monday, September 11th to Wednesday, September 13th, please note the different locations below:

Monday-Wednesday, September 11-13 Learning Workshop – Reconciliation and the solutions economy with Shaun Loney

  • Bissett School of Business (EB 3047) Mount Royal University 4825 Mt Royal Gate SW
  • More details being emailed directly to workshop registrants

Wednesday, September 13 from 9.00am to 12:30pm Learning workshop – Empowering indigenous communities with stronger employment and economic development policies

  • Hotel Arts – Spectrum 1&2
  • Check in at the registration desk in the lobby of Hotel Arts in advance


Yoga will be held in Central Memorial Park on Thursday and Friday morning. If you plan to attend, come prepared with warm comfy clothes. Temperatures are ~10C in the early morning.

We’ll be keeping the website up to date throughout the conference so don’t hesitate to visit there for information regarding the conference schedule, workshop venues, keynote and plenary speakers biographies, and more!

…and don’t forget to share your experiences through social media using #ECONOUS2017! We invite you to join the EconoUs2017 conversations online and grow your network using these groups on Facebook and Linkedin.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email. We wish you a wonderful EconoUs2017 conference!